What is a “1040 Tax Return Done Right?”


Professional tax return preparers will fill in the right information in the right boxes on your return.  If they are thorough, you will pay no more taxes than you are required to pay.  However, a 1040 tax return done right is more than

  • checking off all of the questions on a standardized questionnaire;
  • the right information in the right box; and,
  • proper documentation of deductions and tax credits.

It is all of that.  But even more so, it is having someone who fully understands tax law and wants you to exercise your right to take every deduction to which you are entitled.

It is a willingness to take the time to discuss your occupation, activities and future financial goals.  It is gaining insight and offering tax reduction strategies going forward.

Tax preparation merely documents recorded history and presents you with a bill.  Tax reduction strategies can change your future tax liabilities and keep money in your pocket.